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Bovine Junk Food for Less Moo Methane

In Sustainability on April 6, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Holy Cow

Somehow, the thought of having processed food for livestock sounds like a very, very bad idea.


“Maize silage, naked oats and higher sugar grasses” are similar to the overly processed foods that humans and dogs shouldn’t be eating – and is now coming off the market. Why? Because lowering fiber content of foods and overprocessing causes a lot of other problems, like insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, food allergies, and other issues. Additionally – higher sugars and lack of fiber causes more hunger, and in this case, could cause a cow to want to overgraze (and eat up even more processed food, which can be costly).

Could you possibly end up with a diabetic cow who needs Crestor (cholesterol medicine, not hacker toothpaste like it sounds like :D)? Unhealthy farm animals equals unhealthy food for us down the road.

I’d rather have some fartsy cows, in my opinion.

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