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Gettin’ cheeky with a literally larger-than-life Bourdain

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Where Foodies Can Drool And Get Schooled Without Abandon

The quintessential foodie, in my mind, is very sensual. They’re often open-minded about many things in this world, but when it comes to all things culinary, the sheer excitement is such for them, that it is likened to being incredibly turned on. Face it, food can be downright sexy. The tastes, textures, aromas, and sometimes even sounds, is enough to tantalize your senses. You can enjoy food alone, but is even better when you share the experience with someone else. Food can be a physical, cerebral, emotional, and spiritual experience.

My hopes for this blog is to celebrate all that is food, from the people who put their love into preparing food, the cross-cultural, cross-gender, cross-generational boundaries that food always breaks through, to the foodies who appreciate all the nuances that food has to offer in terms of nourishing the mind, body, and spirit.

Life is short – stay hungry.

About FunnyFoodie

Gina, AKA FunnyFoodie, is a snack-sized, food-obsessed woman of Indian (South Asian) descent, currently living in Atlanta, GA. She has an indiscriminate palate (and stomach) for food and culinary-related things, and enjoys eating out in Atlanta’s spectrum of restaurants, as well as anywhere else on the planet should the opportunity arise.

During her off-hours, Gina reads about various topics in books and on the internet and posts on various online forums. She also likes to take adult enrichment classes at local colleges or takes workshops for special topics. Her interests include interior design, the arts, music, interior design, sustainability, and watching movies.  Gina also incorporates a few more of her former passions when time allows: playing the violin and martial arts.

This blog contains original photos and text, unless otherwise noted ©food | p0rn and Food Porn Media, 2013. All rights reserved.

Please inquire before using any images or text.

  1. Hi Gina, thank you for following my blog – I’m very happy to know that you’re enjoying what I write! Will get stuck into your blog now!

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