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Givin’ Your Liver Some Love – Detoxifying With Foods

In Healing Foods on July 1, 2013 at 11:29 pm

Thinking of some of my friends who may partake in a lot of drinkypoos sometimes or eat a lot of processed food without much fruits and veggies. And yes, that sugar-rich Starbucks habit does not help.

Show your liver some love! The liver is one of the main body’s filtration systems (other than kidneys) and also breaks down excess chemical compounds like excess hormones and even xenoestrogenic compounds from the environment (pesticides, chemicals, pollutants, toxins, preservatives, healthcare product additives, etc). If your liver gets nice and choked up, it actually backs up and causes problems in your body, including something simple like hormonal problems that lead to weight gain, insulin resistance/blood sugar problems, polycystic ovaries, skin problems, and the list goes on. And once you have the above problems, it can snowball into diabetes, fertility problems, and other things.

Some great foods that clean out your liver are fiber-rich foods and dark leafy greens, and green tea is awesome at detoxing. Vitamin C is also pretty detoxifying. There are others mentioned here:


If you’d like to read more, one of my favorite books on my shelf is Maggie Pannell’s “The Detox Health-Plan” cookbook. I haven’t actually done any rigorous detoxes, but the recipes shown in this book are delicious, nutritious, and restorative. I absolutely love it. 🙂



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