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Lazy Saturday Breakfast, on an Oddly Cold, Rainy May Morning

In Musings on May 4, 2013 at 12:29 pm


Rainy and cold morning for a Saturday in May…in Atlanta of all places. And there are still skeptics of global weather patterns…

Having a cozy breakfast and enjoying the company of my puppy, Remy – who was previously happily running all over the house this morning because…it was morning and that’s what puppies like to do as a good-morning ritual, but is now snoozing on the back of the couch near a window sill because he’s bored and dolefully looking at the gray morning rain.


Remy, my Schnorgi puppy, taken on a sunnier day
(‘Schnorgi’ is half Miniature Schnauzer, half Corgi!)

My breakfast this morning is no-muss, no fuss, and just plain comforting: boiled farm-fresh multi-colored eggs, Ethiopian roasted Yirgacheffe coffee, and finishing off with a slice of banana-pineapple-coconut cake from Cakes & Ale in Decatur. The cake tastes like a combination of banana bread and carrot cake, with fluffy buttercream frosting and walnuts. It’s stick-to-your-fork-and-melt-in-your-mouth moist. It’s not eye-wincingly sweet either (you know what I mean…some things are SO sweet it makes you do this >.* ), making it perfect for my Saturday indulgence, and well – I’m an adult and I can have cake for breakfast if I want to 😛

As usual, I French-pressed my coffee today and added a bit of non-homogenized milk and agave nectar. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is actually going great with the cake – it’s not bitter at all, and actually has some chocolatey-nutty, almost hazelnut, undertones to it. It’s pretty mellow and has some subtle spicy aromas.

The eggs made me so happy this morning in all their colored-splendor! I bought them from friends, Agatha and Emory, who have affectionately named their home and farm, Clarity Farm.

Clarity Farm - Pond

It’s such a great name for such a beautiful and serene place; I posted some pictures of their farm after we all went strawberry picking on a gorgeous sunny Sunday (view the slideshow on Facebook). They have a couple different types of hens at their farm, one of which is the Easter Egger variety.  That name is apropos for their wonderful pastel colors that the rather beautifully-feathered hen yields; you can’t help but get giddy over preparing naturally sage, baby blue, and even pale lavender eggs. They cook the same as regular eggs and are still white with a rich and deep-yellow yolk. What a treat this morning.

A few "Easter Eggers" at Clarity Farm

A few “Easter Eggers” at Clarity Farm

Apart from raising hens, tending to her two sweet horses, two playful dogs, a happy pig that dines on feed as well as wonderful vegetables and fruits, and a few plump cats, Agatha has been studying herbs and herbal cooking for years and has a wonderful blog, The Independent Herbalist, and always has great tips to use some of those herbs and greens I find at the farmers market and don’t always know how to prepare them. The greens make for vibrant and beautiful salads and soups, and are good for you, to boot, while the herbs also have a high level of medicinal properties and just bring any dish to life with their scents and bright flavors.

That’s another thing to note, fresh herbs are great if you have them – if you can manage a couple of indoor potted herbs near a sunny spot in the house, it’s completely worth it. Otherwise, using dried spices is also good, but make sure they’re not too old. I actually thoroughly convinced myself one year that I had very bad cooking skills, only to have a friend, Michael, who used to be a chef, point to all my spices in the cabinet and exclaim with a his Long Island accent, “Have you actually *tasted* these?! They’re so OOOLD! They’re not even spices anymore, they’re CONFETTI!”

New York Sicilians always put things in such perspective for you. They make you feel simultaneously loved and like an absolute idiot with their motherly “WhassaMATTA with you?” tone of voice. It’s great. I recommend you collect some of these fine folks into your life, it’s never a dull moment.

So, yes, don’t cook with herb-colored confetti, have some spices around that still smell and taste like something, and I guarantee your cooking will automatically taste better.


I’m off to go curl up in a nice corner in the house and read a book that I recently bought, “Cheesemonger: Life on the Wedge,” by Gordon Edgar, a punk-rocker-turned-cheesemaker.

"Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge" by Gordon Edgar

“Cheesemonger: A Life on the Wedge” by Gordon Edgar

This book is more of a food literature read instead of a pictorial cheese dictionary, but it has a handy guide in the appendix on how to purchase cheeses. Throughout the chapters, it has blocked out sections to provide more details on names and types of cheeses, which is great. After reading it, I’ll write more about my thoughts on the book!

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