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Spread the Love, Restaurant Owners!

In Musings, Restaurants on April 24, 2013 at 5:34 pm

In Atlanta, all the great ethnic restaurants and even particular local cuisines are all bunched up in certain areas of town – there’s not a nice even spread to expose people to various cultural expressions of food. For example, all the Korean and Vietnamese restaurants are lined up on Buford Highway or Jimmy Carter. Is that the case in your town? Why do you suppose that is?

The neighborhood I live in has a lot of Mexican and quasi-Mexican (think Korean-taco, Cali-Mex, Tex-Mex, and the like) places available. So when I want something yummy nearby, in my mind I get a bit irritated that my choices are “Hmmm,….do I want a real taco and tamale dinner, taco with kimchi in it, or super fancy bistro taco that I have to get out of my yoga pants for?”


Furthermore, I have to hike 20-30 minutes to get decent Asian food, 40-60 minutes drive to get my hands on some German sausage (yes, I LOVE me some sausage, sausage from all around the WORLD even! That’s another blog post for another day, my hungry little food | porn readers) and get giddy over spaetzel. ALL the Ethiopian places are right next to each other in one neighborhood, so I really have to know that I’m having a massive spicy Kitfo craving before I head out.

Yoohoo, restaurant owners! We need Asian, Ethiopian, Argentinian, German, Italian, French, Middle-Eastern, Jamaican, Indian, and other great restaurants available in different areas and neighborhoods! We food enthusiasts crave and appreciate the variety.

Build it and we will come!


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