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The Cupcake Craze is Slowly Getting Stale

In Musings on April 20, 2013 at 10:21 pm
The cupcake craze is slowly getting stale. Thank the food Gods.I like cupcakes and all, but if I had a choice between cupcakes and cake, I’d take CAKE!Look… comedians like Eddie Izzard and Gabriel Iglesias talk about *cake,* not cupcakes. It’s “CAKE OR DEATH??!” not “ummm CUP-cakes…or death?”

When you can have a mouthful of layered rich buttered sugar goodness that clings to dear life on a fork, however big you can possibly make it without it falling off the split second it reaches your piehole, why choose cupcakes?

That leads me to another grand and delicious invention: PIE.


Need I really say more? You can stuff just about anything on top of a crust or between multiple crusts – savory, sweet, sour, BURSTING with goodness with flakes of buttery pie crust delivering the goods….


Cupcakes are fine…they’re kinda fluffy and non-committal. I’m a full-commitment, let’s dig into this thing, kinda gal.

The world needs more cakes and pies, bring it on!


Eddie Izzard’s Skit “Cake or Death” (Contains some adult language)


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